Tuesday, 19 July 2011

A day in the Office, June 29th 2011

Today 29th June I’m off to Dublin for my weekly stint in the office. This is an opportunity to catch up with the Reps by phone, deal with pending queries, letters and planning the coming weeks.

The day starts at 6.30am, I drive 16 miles to get the bus (17.50 euro return fare) which will leave me on O’Connell Street shortly after 9am, then it’s a 20 minute walk to Blackhall Place or get the Luas to Smithfield and walk the 10mins to the office.
Country Markets HQ

I try and go when Patricia is in as we both deal daily with emails from markets, prospective new members, people looking to set up new markets as well as the ongoing business of Country Markets Ltd.
Patricia our Administrator

Today we’re sending out some details to the Reps for consideration.

1 A draft reply to one of our markets who expressed frustration at a number of issues.

2 Samples of some professional photography we undertook to get done as a resource for both the office and the markets. In the event of needing some shots to submit with an article they will be available and the markets may use the resource for their own PR.

3 A copy of a press release which is going to the media in mid July highlighting the success of the organisation and the growing number of enquiries.

We got some final details on the Area Meetings which have been organised between the Reps and market members.

I arrive home about 7.30pm

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