Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Cork Visit June 2011


I arrived at Midleton Market on Friday morning 24th June. It’s held in the Old School, Church Lane off the Main Street, with a carpark outside. Eileen was busy at the cash desk with early morning shoppers. Lots of fresh veg, fresh chickens, centre stage a great variety of baking, yoghurt, goats cheese, preserves and relishes. Treated to a cup of tea and scone and had a good chat with everyone.

They are delighted with their latest member, 13 years old producing under her mothers name and guidance. Unfortunately I didn’t get to meet her as she was at school. Country Markets can nurture our young people in local enterprise and provide them with a non competitive enviornment to learn the skills they will need in the future.

Here are the members I met on the day.

I headed on to Skibbereen in torrential rain to meet up with more Country Market members. Abbeystrewry Hall is the venue and they have a big carpark just outside. The hall is big, bright and on the day Betty’s colourful bedding plants really stood out. I got lots of top quality plants, and having been in that business know just how much time it takes to produce that quality.

Left some books and bags with Karen and Edith as they didn't get to AGM. Here we also have a young member, this time a twelve year old who grows strawberry plants while his father Morris does the salads and veg. We had a short meeting after the market as we don’t get together very often. We really need a Rep in the Cork area and hope that someone will help us out. It's important to be connected and informed on all that’s happening in the organisation.
Saturday morning, it’s still raining when I call to Bandon Country Market on Weir Street. George is on the till, a big smile and everyones happy to see me. This market runs on both Friday and Saturday. It’s one of our bigger markets with over 30 members.
Some of you might be interested in this a large banner made of strong webbing runs the entire length of the window (15 feet at least). Each pane features either some market produce or our logo, very effective, it cost E120 + VAT. The screen printing was done locally and because it was a trial they got a second one thrown in.
The chilled area was very well done. Bread boards as used in commercial bread deliveries, are filled with ice packs and oil cloth on top. Loads of veg; fruit and flowers; baking; eggs; jewellery and knitted crafts.
Before I left Bandon I visited the Farmers Market. Twelve or fourteen traders taking shelter under their canopies as it was drizzling at this stage. There was veg, cut flowers,breads and the luxury cake stall. There were very few punters and I thought back to my lovely cup of tea and buns indoors at Bandon Country Markets watching the customers come and go.

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