Tuesday, 19 July 2011

A day in the Office 11th July 2011

Pamela Henry Regional Rep from Ravensdale Market in Louth is coming up to discuss the presentation and labelling issue. Over the last few weeks talking to various members there is a definite desire to raise the standard of presentation. This could really change the way the public rate us and make our produce an attractive option as food gifts.

Currently the sticky label which accomodates all information , price, producer number, logo, HQ address, product description and possibly the ingredients does not convey the image of handmade, quality, special, local that suggest a special gift. Emer Duffy our previous Chairman suggested a ribbon with our name and logo. The sample ribbon was ordered and is here todayAlready it’s possible to visualise the impact this small change could make. Pamela will also research a larger label, and get some costings.

Final details were agreed on the agenda for area meetings, based on suggestions proposed by branch markets.

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