Sunday, 2 October 2011

Suggested Reading

 In June Annette O Leary of Achill Country Market published a booklet on edible seaweeds. ‘Achill’s Hidden Garden,- Edible Seaweeds’ is an introduction to the seashore, including identification, harvesting and storing of sea vegetables.

Annette lives in the house where she was born and reared in Pollagh, Keel on Achill Island. Growing up the children of the area used the seashore as their playground, and Annette learned all she knows about seaweeds from her grandparents, parents and aunts.

She harvests enough for her family and Achill Country Market. This was a poor year for harvesting Duileasc, it needs to be picked and dried in one day. Commercial supplies of Duileasc are much saltier as no natural sun in used in the drying process.

The booklet is available through local shops in Achill, (Euro 5) or direct from Annette.
Annette O Leary
Achill Island,
Co Mayo.

Annette recommends Quality Sea Veg in Burtonport for those wishing to buy ready mixed sea spice or sea veg and Dr Prannie Rhattigans recipe book The Irish Seaweed Kitchen.

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