Sunday, 9 October 2011

Our New Producer Profile

Don't forget to check out the latest addition to our website We now have a producer profile spot, which I’m sure will generate interest not just with visitors to the site, but with members also. For anyone who would like to contribute, please send your profile to me at The objective of the profile is to let people know we are a diverse group with varied talents, from different walks of life, sharing a belief in localised self help and a desire to enrich our communities socially and economically.

Your profile should be 250-300 words, about
(a) who you are and perhaps your family
(b) a little background on how you started producing for Country Markets
(c) if your skill was developed on the family farm/business or you had specific training
(d) any awards/prizes you have won
(e) some photographs of yourself, your produce, your awards.

Each of us contributes to the great diversity in our markets, and our stories are of interest to others. After all people want to know about people. Who knows your story might inspire someone to make something more of their skill, or even become a member!

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