Wednesday, 4 January 2012

JamGate continues on Shannonside local radio 04/01/2012

After a week or more of debate in the letters page of the Irish Times about Granard Country Market jam (see last post 27/11/2011), there was an interview on Shannonside local radio today. James Crowden, the British food and drinks writer who bought the jam and Alan Harrison, producer of the jam and member of Granard Country Market were on the Joe Finnegan Show this morning.

Throughout the week several people have written to The Irish Times expressing their annoyance at the confiscation of very ordinary food items by anti terrorist police in Dublin Airport. After the jam was confiscated Mr Crowden had only to travel a few hundred yards further where he could buy lots of duty free jam.

Throughout the radio show several loyal customers of the Granard branch market rang in to endorse Alan’s beautiful homemade, additive free jams.

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